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and now adding colour, a group of anonymous latin american meat packing glitterati




Saben, I wish more chicanxs and other undocumexican folk would admit that there’s a staggering difference between having indigenous descent and the actual experience of people who are marked as indigenous in México and the US.

Like, sí, algunxs somos morenxs, some of us grew up in ranchitos and villages where the name was still in nahua or in another indigenous language, some of us and our relatives still spoke those languages or even just a few words they retained,

Y sí, it’s important to recognize our multiple heritages and celebrate them even, as one way to resist european and american encroachment on aspects of our culture, our identity and our lives

Pero, no me sigan diciendo that our experiences are equal. That aún siendo parte indígena, aún con la tez cafecita, aún hablando un Español mexicano con afectos rurales y “indios”

that we were treated identically as la gente Tarahumara vendiendo artesanías en la Plaza de Armas, or that the “difference” between us and “them” was accidental, as if it wasn’t enforced socially and as if we didn’t and don’t buy into it and utilize that difference to advance or stay safe at others’ expense.

Y no se mientan al pensar que esto doesn’t implicate us in the racism and colonialism of our country, aún con la tez cafecita, aún hablando como “indio”, aún siendo parte indígena. 

¿como que ya basta con estos errores, no?

esto es bien importante porque desafortunadamente el colorismo que hay en nuestra cultura se ve y se experiencia diariamente. viviendo aqui en morelia tan cerca de tantos lugares como Santa fe de la laguna, Patzcuaro, Paracho y mas, se ve en la gente misma el marginalismo que hay con la gente indigena que todavia vive y sigue practicando nuestras culturas. like it pisses me off to no end cuando se vienen las fiestas mexicanas como el grito y el dia de los muertos and la paisa segun bien patriotas y todo el pedo/ y unidos and y’all cherish mexican culture but as soon as that passes [and unfortunately, i have seen mostly white passing mexicanos say these things] se insultan que con niño tizoc y que vienes bajado de cerro y la mierda. 

y’all son unos hipocritas y necesitan dejar de ser pinches clasistas con nuestra gente. 

Jul 31 st


in Mexico to say hell yeah we say “a huevo” which directly translates into “to egg” and i think that’s beautiful

Jul 30 th


Grizzly, Bernese Mountain Dog, Kitsilano Beach Park, Vancouver, BC


Grizzly, Bernese Mountain Dog, Kitsilano Beach Park, Vancouver, BC

thedogist / kohikki
Jul 29 th

  • white person: how do you say my name in your language??
  • me: pendejo
Jul 29 th


Mayan Women reversing that white settler-colonial gaze.


Mayan Women reversing that white settler-colonial gaze.

Jul 28 th


be nice to pillows because you never know when they will be human again

Jul 26 th


I’m so proud of being mexican like….

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